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Power jet question

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New to this forum.

I've been searched a lot over google to find out about power jet carbs.

I read there are some electric controlled and some vacuum controlled, some sites say it works only for half throttle and up, full throttle only and others say it works all the time and closes at full throttle to max rev.


So what is the purpose of this extra jet ? and why not just using bigger jets instead ?




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on 2-strokes it does what a accelerator pump on 4-strokes does - providing more

fuel at acceleration.

 while on 4-strokes a lot of fuel is added, on 2-strokes only little fuel is needed.


a bigger jet would provide a richer mixture also at high rpm's, not just

at acceleration. so it won't work

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it works like every jet on a carb, the venturi effect. but other than

the main or pilot jet, it is closed by a solenoid valve.


it's not the rpm only that opens the jet. it's the combination of full throttle and low to mid rpm's (acceleration)

that gives the extra amount of fuel

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