new wr450 supermoto rider

Hey Everyone

Recently bought a 2003 wr450, this is my first supermoto, and im loving it from the UK. I have read lots of nightmare stories about the 2003 model wr450 so im hoping all the mods to sort it have been done over the years, is there any way i can tell, I have already fitted a new starter motor as it was sold to me with it not working.
Also the bike has a vortex tuning box with 2 different maps, the bike pops and back fires abit i have read the exhaust may be lose or jetting on carb needs sorting, but with the vortex box i thought may its ok.
I'm 6ft 1 and about 95kg so im going to look into the suspension side of things soon, ill measure the sag tomorrow and get some advice of you guys if thats ok.
Im confident at working on things myself and am installing a cooling fan soon, prob some other bits and bobs.



Hopefully mods have been done. I think one of them is locktight on the flywheel. Just google problems with 03 WR450. It came with a good vortex ignition and bike looks good.

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