Thoughts on Aftermarket WR450 2012+ Radiators

I let one of my inexperienced friends ride my WR today and took him up a hill that ultimately was a little much for him.  Anyway, he tweaked my right radiator pretty good.  I pulled it off and straightened it and my GYTR radiator brace out fairly well.  I got the radiator and brace to bolt up, as well as the two screws that connect the radiator shroud to the radiator.  The screw that connects the shroud to the frame and tank are just too far off for 1 person to apply pressure and screw them in.  I would have tried more, but somehow I lost the inner metal collar that goes in the shroud where it connects to the tank.... so I called it quits.


Anyway, I have decided I'm not going to deal with plastics and a radiator that is that far off and don't feel doing more tweaking on the radiator is going to help.  Has anyone tried one of the Chinese radiators


and if so, have you got any radiator braces to fit on it?  I have been using the GYTR braces from like day one, and I have already had to replace my Left radiator and now my right.  The OEM right radiator is like $250.  I'm also wondering if I'm better just not using braces if they don't fit on the Chinese ones, and just buy new ones whenever they bust.  It's not like I'm dumping my bike all the time, and this is probably it for letting any friends ride it.

I have them on my '08 and the work perfectly with Mohard and 3.2 IMS with YZ shrouds


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I sent a tweaked, leaking radiator to Myler's and had it back exactly one week from the day I sent it looking brand spankin' new for about $70 including shipping.

Just one other option - they can fix pretty much anything and the cost is reasonable compared to buying new.

The nice thing about the Chinese ones is they are oversized so you get the additional cooling capacity.

wow.. those Mohards look sturdy. 

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1414959322.555457.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1414959349.063450.jpg

wow.. those Mohards look sturdy.

Not the lightest guards but prolly the strongest.

Stories like yours are why I don't let friends ride mine.  And I have horror stories about when I let friends ride.  I tried the aftermarket radiators on my 09. I only paid $80 a pair, interesting that the older ones are so much cheaper.  Mine fit so poorly I had to return them.  But on my WR250F they fit and worked well.  

Yeah, those Mohard rad guards are nice. I would have bought them first, but they did not make a set that fit a '12+ WR450 when I was buying.


Now, I have the UnaBiker rad guards and the OEM rads. They are holding up very well, I've not yet busted a rad with these in place (and I have tried!).


Go the repair option. Everyone I talk to swears by Mylers.

So has anyone tried the Chinese radiators on the 12+ yet?  Still pretty much the same story from my original post, but I did order a right side Chinese radiator and it's just sitting in a box.  I figure I'll change it out the next time I tweak my OEM radiator again and I will see how the fitment goes.  I just pulled the gas tank to check my valves and I noticed my left radiator is somewhat tweaked (I kind of ran into the side of a tight canyon).  I should be able to bend it back fairly straight (I'm on my 2nd left OEM radiator), but I'm thinking of getting a Left Chinese radiator once this one is just too tweaked or un-salvageable.  My 1st left OEM radiator is in a box... and it's not pretty at all.

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