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Anyone know why Taskys Metric Cycle closed its doors?

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Received an answer on another forum....

"Jeff and his wife wanted to focus on other things in life.

He was trying to get someone to buy the "Metric Cycle" part of the business. Sad to see him go, nice guy and great customer service."

Agree. Sad to see him go, a good guy and a cool shop.

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You don't have to be "lucrative" to retire. Retirement is all about planning. Many Mom and Pop shops are lucrative since they don't have the overhead, advertising and employees to pay for. Most don't have the "wants" to be a millionaire so they don't need a million to retire. From what I heard they (Taskys) wanted to do something else and "retired" was just the motorcycle business.

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Thanks for the kind words from the forum folk,

Jamie and I decided to "retire" from the small shop motorcycle business. We will not be moving to our huge mansion on the hill, basking in the sun and sipping cool beverages. Well maybe the cool beverages LOL

 Insight told us hat we had a great ride for many years, but the industry is changing and/or moving more towards the larger shops and lower priced web experience. There are even auto dealerships carrying the brand now. We just went with our gut on this one and are moving on before our small shop might have sunk. There  ARE still really cool small shops around the country run by some really great folks and I will be buying my next new scooter from one of them sometime  soon for sure.


See you guys around the track or in the woods somewhere.


Thanks again,


Jeff and Jamie Tasky

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