old rekluse zstart

i apologizefor the earlier entry. i asked a few dumb questions.

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Rekluse should have been able to give you a run down on which parts in the clutch you'd need to convert it back.  According to their old manual, the clutch uses OEM plates except for two to three steels that are thicker, used to adjust the installed gap.  These could be obtained from Yamaha by buying steels for an '08 model.




It's only dumb to ask where your shoes are while you're wearing them.

they offered me $100 trade in value on an upgrade. i did a little more research and found out that stock frictions would work and ended up replacing them and tinkered with it. it hooks up pretty good now. i have a birthday trip to Cal City for my niece and nephew this coming weekend i'll see how it holds up there. I dont know that i get any advantage out of having it. my riding buddies are usually my 8 and 10 year old sons. i end up riding a gear high more times than not so im not working the motor going the same speed as them. Greyracer you seem to always give good direction with our questions. Thank you for that.

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