04 WR450 Speedo/Odo drive eliminator?

Does anyone know where to get a 04 WR450 Speedo/Odo drive eliminator? It replaces the black piece that goes between the fork and hub where the odometer cable fits in. Enduro Engineering used to have them for the 400's but I don't see them for the WR450s


I'll bump this cause I want to know also.

I saw one just the other day and can't find it I will keep looking, but there is one being made, and it is tapered just like the rear spacers, very nice.

Barnums :) pro sports www.barnumspro.com makes one for the wr. I have one and it is great!

Way kewl, I don't have time to look at this minute but will be ordering one later tonight!

I used a stock YZ450F spacer. You will need to replace(pivot works)the bearing on that side, as it(the stock one)is not sealed. Stock spacer from Yamaha is approx. $7.00.


Flatlandracing.com makes one that I have on my 03. They also make great skid plates and radiator guards. :)

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