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Ticking/squealing noise in 230's engine?

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So I rode my bike today for the first time in 3-4 months because I have been waiting on parts. I have a 142 main, and 36 pilot(yes I know theyre weird jets) and I took out the airbox snorkel, out holes in it, took out the baffle and drilled holes in the spark arrestor and yesterday was the first time i took it out since I took it all apart. I noticed a ticking in the engine and though, ah whatever its nothing. Then today it progressively got worse and worse till-i kid you not-was ticking so bad it almost sounded like a 2t engine. Then so I was about to head back and it shut off so I started it and the engine made this awful squealing noise almost like a bird/puppy was in the engine. So I was like wow. Then started driving and for a few seconds after I would shift gears it would do that too. So I brought it home, started it up and then it really sounded bad. It was like eeeerrrrrrrrrrweeweeweeweewee. And i just shut it off. Well I tried to check the oil and since there's no dip stick I have to look through a view hole that was completely covered in mud so I have no clue if its oil or what. Also there hasn't been an engine rebuild and it's an 05 model. The guy I bought it from said the guy before him has no clue how much he rode and the guy I bought it from said his son never rode it. Ever since Ive had it, (about a year) i rode weekends during school and every weekend id put around 10-12 hours on it. In the summer i rode nearly every day for about 5-7 hours a day. So I'm hoping it is in no need for a rebuild right now. My quads have never needed a rebuild and theyre running strong from as early as 2002. Really hoping yall can help me discover what is the problem.

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