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1999 yz400f questions.

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so i just picked up a 99 yz400, rode it once, checked valve clearances and adjusted them, went out and rode and something seems kinda weird, maybe someone can help. i know what i think it is but i just wanna make sure


so my use for it and the previous use for it has been trail riding, the previous owner had fit a bigger back sprocket, and a smaller front sprocket, me personally i think it has too much torque for its own good, he had also fit a skinny tire on the back. anyways when i got off road i just dont get anywhere. i went through my little backyard track and i have pine needles down and the second my tire touches them its completely useless, i just sit there, no matter how little or how much gas i give it. it does the same on grass and dirt, ill just be riding over it no throttle changes at all! and the back tire just spins...if i increase the rear tire size and put the sprockets back in order (it has 52r 13f now, so like 48r 14f?) would it help any? it also affects when im about to go off a jump, ill give it a little gas and the front end goes down because the back end looses its hold on keeping the front up, causing it to nose dive, then when i look at the take off ramp there a deep rut caused by the last jump.


just getting frustrated, and i know this bike is not intended for the woods or trail riding, but some of us believe mx bikes do better in the woods. at this point i dont know anymore lol

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