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My DRZ Build High and lows - MdavidG

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So, i thought i may aswell start one of these build progress threads after reading so many others. I'm relatively new to the whole bike scene and bought my DRZ Back in May (2014) and promptly named her "olivia" (may be odd to some, but pretty much everyone i know names there bike/Car) the bike is a 2005 DRZ400E with 8,500 miles on the engine and of course in the fastest colour of yellow. The bike is practically bone stock aside from the fact that i have a set of Morad/Talon 17" wheels with it. The first month or two the bike was running great, treating me very well being very new to the whole Gears etc had many good times "Green laning" or "Legal Trail riding" for you guys not from the UK.



(yes, they are my SM wheels i'm using i didn't want to switch over to do some light trail riding)



Red Bike is my friends Honda XR125 (not a bad bike considering its a 125 4t, pretty damn rigid too)


But yeh, after dropping the bike three times on some trials i decided to start ordering some crash protection unfortunately i let my friend have a go on my bike before getting the crash protection on it and well, too much speed coming up to a gravel/grass road and slight braking meant that he dropped the bike on the left side >.> bent my shifter 180 degrees under the foot peg which i thought was pretty damn impressive considering it could have been much worse and punctured the case the case did get lightly scuffed though due to some gravel sticking up just enough to hit it. So managed to limp it home and get straight onto ordering a new shifter which took 3 days to arrive. Which was the first thing i had personally added to the bike.


So another month passes which is when i finally have the cash to start to think about adding some personal touches to the bike however, disaster struck and my bottom end developed a knock and well long story short, the conrod had become worn and so i ceased to ride the bike from then on. Stripped the bike down and put a new conrod, bearings, gaskets and a few other parts which took around 2 months as i have no mechanical background and decided its best to take aslong as i needed in order to make sure i did everything correctly.




This is the first step into taking the bike apart ready for the engine to come out, this took me much longer then expected as i didnt want to lose anything important and individually bagged everything.




Skipping a few days, this was the final result just its frame and wheels/suspension left on the bike.


After say a week the engine started to come to pieces and be replaced (only got one pic of this)


My engine.jpg

Got the engine all back together and put it back into the bike, came across a few issues relating to the throttle cables but managed to sort it in the end. and well thats the end of my first steps into fixing/modifying my bike.


I will be posting more updates and more images in the future, but as it stands im still running in the new bottom end (i have 50 miles left) and so havent really taken any pictures of it lately.


I currently have waiting to be put on the bike:


New levers

Bash plate

Zeta hand guards - Blue

Braided brake line - Blue

Silicone Hoses - Blue

Overflow Lines for carb - Blue

Trail tech x2 headlight

SM/S subframe

Pillion pegs

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Props for tearing down that engine with little mechanical experience... lol. I guess when faced with that situation, you had nothing to lose. Great post and I'm sure you learned a lot! I paid a shop to do my Big Bore upgrade. Hopefully I'll never have to touch my bottom end. 

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Pretty hard to explain the knocking of the bottom end since as you stated the DRZ is quite a noisy bike being a single cylinder 400cc engine >.> best way i can explain it, have you ever had a coin or nail or something in your washing machine or tumble dryer? well if so, it sounds like that just much much much quicker and abit less noisy just sounds like two pieces of metal conflicting with each other. Only reason i definitely knew it was the bottom end was because it got louder as i accelerated plus my friend with a mechanical background also stated that it was highly likely to be the bottom end. All in all, it would have been much quicker to rebuild if i hadn't decided to replace the all the slightly notchy bearings but decided as i'm there i might as well have.


And a small update on the bike today, i just won a bid on a pair of SM forks and triples for a pretty damn nice price of £150 + £15 for postage. so my Bike is very nearly a full SM 🙂 looking forward to it as it completely changes the look of the bike into something i always wanted. (I originally wanted an SM but living in south dorset there seemed to be no SM models around)

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So as i stated above, I always wanted an SM but could not find one for sale and so started to convert it from the day i got it and have sort of finalized the bike to what i want at this current time. I have managed to completely transform my E model into an SM the bike has an E frame, E engine, E carb, E swingarm, E header and exhaust all from 2005, I have a set of 2008 great condition forks from an sm aswell as a 2008 subframe complete with footpegs from a 2008 S. SM chain guide to stop chain rub on my rear wheel. Morad Gold rims with Talon gold hubs and battleax tyres (not sure on exact type) Wider footpegs, MCCT, protaper contour bars with grips, unbreakable levers, Trail tech X2 headlight, R&G tailtidy/Tail light, Blue radiator hoses, blue carb hoses, blue braided brake lines, blue zeta armour guard hand guards, 15/40 Renthal sprockets with a renthal o-ring chain all in the fastest plastics (yellow) i will upload pictures later as it currently pissing it down with rain lately so havent actually ridden it since i put the new bars/forks on the bike >.> ill do a before and after pic aswell.

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