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No fuel to cylinder

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Bike has been sitting---guy says petcock was leaking and flooded cylinder---cleaned carb,replace petcock and performed oil change. Bike will not run. read somthing about putting oil in cylinder to get rings to seal again. Need help, please advise. Thanks in advance. No fuel getting to spark plug

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How can the rings get " re sealed " ?


the oil does two or three things at once:


creates a tighter seal around worn rings

lubricates the stuck rings 

cleans fuel/crap off the cyilnder walls 


with the increased pressure from the oil, the oil will be forced into the land between the rings and the cylinder, letting the rings move more freely again. once they start moving (unstuck), compression comes up, and things start working as they should. 


if a bike sits too long without lubrication on the rings, they'll freeze (rust) in the cylinder grooves and the bike will have low/no compression. if a few hits of the starter doesn't free them, penetrant + more starter attempts should do it. 




give it a shot:

compression test cold

compression test with teaspoon of engine oil in the plug hole


you'll see 30-40 psi (or more) difference with the higher being after adding the oil. not quite as neato as the magic that happens in a two stroke, but still pretty cool. 🙂

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