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03 125 SX - starting issues

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Long story short: won't start.

  • Checked stator
  • Changed plug
  • Plenty of spark
  • Couldn't pop start
  • Changed ring
  • Brought to garage.  They sprayed starter fluid into it and it started, but didn't want to keep running.  They replaced float, float valve and gasket per their recommendation
  • Now the garage can't get it to start and they aren't getting a spark.
  • Disconnected kill switch and still no spark.
  • Inline spark tester not getting anything.
  • Put old parts back on and tested too.

So they had it running, replaced the parts and now it won't start.  I just spent money on parts and now might have to go with CDI and/or coil.  I don't want to keep replacing parts just to see what works.  First and only issue we've had with this bike and of course it comes at the time when he wants to sell it!  Advice please!

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Noooo! 😉  Some of the most expensive parts too!  Here's another issue with this: if the bike is running and the shop can no longer get it to run after you buy the parts they recommend, are they obliged to get it running?  In other words, should they have to remedy the situation if it was running before without me having to continually buy parts?  I know another option you're going to mention: find another mechanic.  Then there's the problem of the money I've already spent.

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