what i thought was a wr426 might just be a yz426

So long story short. I bought this paperweight over a year ago. Half way through my rebuild I managed to start it. (cool right) Ran great. Fast forward to finish and ready to ride, BAM! no spark. I cleaned everything. check wires and grounds and all ohm resistances. my last line of thinking was the magneto.  I've taken off the magneto and clean from under it (dirty s.o.b.) now I have pick up from the magneto to the cdi. However (there's always a however isn't there) I get nothing past the cdi. The reason I now think its a yz is it has a yz magneto and a yz cdi. that's my only clues to think this so I could be completely off here. anyways does anyone know of a way to test past the cdi for spark? Or should I just replace the cdi? I bought one already for a wr426 and the plugs are all wrong so if you know of any one who needs one for a 2001 wr426f send them my way. Heres the other post in the wr forum. and what others have suggested.



thanks for any and all help.

How many coils on the stator?


I put a wr motor into a yz and left the yz cdi in the bike - bad idea, yz system or wr system no mix and match even if the conectors match and they look the same

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