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Pirelli Extra VS Michelin MS3 for Northeast Woods Riding

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I'm thinking about trying the Pirelli Extra on the rear of my YZ250, I have not run a Pirelli in a long time.

I have an MS3 on the rear now, good tire but a few rocky rides and the are wearing pretty quickly.

I normally run Kenda Washougals front and rear, I think they are a great tire for the money and good for a wide range of terrain.

I ride north east trails, either soft, loamy/sandy with a few roots or rocky, rooty hard pack. usually one extreme or the other.


What are peoples thoughts on the Pirelli Extra? 110 or 120? I have both 19 and 18 inch rears, the 18 is going to need a new replacement soon. I still have an S12 and MX51 I have to use for the 19.

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