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1992 RM250 "basket case" fork questions

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Hi guys, quick question…


I bought a 92 RM250 on CL, got a good deal on it, it has a fresh top end, new un-used tires, new protaper bar kit & chain and sprocket etc etc.


I need to replace the fork seals but before I order a kit I have a question that I think I know the answer to but haven’t found any info…. Being a basket case bike the forks have small decals on them that say Showa RM125.   I looked and the 125 and 250 use different part numbers… Also the forks don’t look like the 250 forks Im seeing in pictures on fleabay,  are the forks on this thing from a 125 or is that the Showa model #?  I guess I could order a kit for both a 125 and a 250 and see what happens but Id really like to get to the bottom of it. I did find some pictures of a 93 RM125 fork kit and they looks about spot on.  Did the 90s RM 125 and 250 use the same forks or was this a possible upgrade on this thing or anything with the entire front end, triple tree and wheel / brake setup that I need to verify is 100% compatible before riding this thing?


The story I was told when I bought it is that it was brought in over 15 years ago to a Suzuki dealership for a top end rebuild.  The owner couldn’t afford the repair bill and left it there, over time it had parts picked and pulled off of it. When the dealerships owner passed away they auctioned off everything, the shop pieced it back together so anything is possible.  Im tearing it all the way down to the frame, just ordered all new plastics and a full engine gasket and seal kit, going to split it and replace the crank seals etc. before I run it.  I bought it to use as a woods bike with some friends on the Hatfield McCoy trails in southern WV.  Anyway Thanks for any input you can throw my way on the mystery forks! Matt


Fork 1.jpg

Fork 2.jpg

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