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Bike Recommendations for Inexperienced 10-Year Old?

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My 10-year old son has expressed an interest in riding a bike.  He has never ridden a dirtbike before, but has ridden a 4-wheeler a few times.  He is relatively tall for his age and athletic.  He would not be riding on an MX track, but would tag along with me on forest roads/trails and around the farm. 


Looking for something that is reliable, fairly easy to maintain, and relatively mild.  Any recommendations on bikes for this situation?  Thanks.

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agree with above.


find something mellow that wont scare the crap out of him.


maybe a xr 200? or xr 100 (dont know the size of them) ridden the 200 before and they have a bit of pep but not too much, pretty light.


awesome woods bike that can handle some abuse.

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