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2006 CRF450x missing ID tag?

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Hello guys I'm in Australia and I just swapped my 08 sx 144 for a 2006 crf450x.

Was a good swap in my eyes, the crf needs a bit of maintenance, wheel bearings linkage bearings ect.

Now I didn't realise it was missing because I didn't realise it had one in the first place. But the sticker on the frame is missing, is this any drama at all?

The bikes engine numbers and VIN are all there fine.

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Without the compliance plate/sticker.........great difficulty, Which state are you in?
Do you have the registration papers?
Has the frame been powder coated or did some dingbat polish the frame???
Sounds odd, I removed some of the OEM Honda stickers when I bought my 450X but there is certainly no way I would remove that one

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Is it currently registered? Every vehicle on the road in Australia needs to have a compliance plate of some kind to be legal on the road, If you know a dodgy mechanic that does registration inspections you might get it on the road but if the police pull you over it would be a very good chance you would not be riding home & the bike would be impounded until they clear up the reason why it has no compliance plate?
Best to get in contact with VIC roads (A bike shop would be pretty useless & different shops will more than likely give you different info) & get it sorted asap if you want to get it registered, Without a compliance plate it has severely dropped the value of it as 9/10 people would not go near it when you want to sell it
Not sure about Victoria but here in NSW you would not get it on the road like that

You may even have to contact Honda (AUS) & or CRF ENGINEERING PTY LTD also as they are the company that does all the ADR mods to get our CRF450X's on the road here, They may be able to send you a new compliance plate for a fee I would imagine
Let us know what you sort out?

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