Head Pipe for 03 and 04 wr 450's

I've talked to alot of local guys and they have said one thing robbing power from the stock bikes is the stock pipe.

Has anyone put on any of the ugraded pipes with the stock exauhst? any difference?

I put the FMF powerbomb and TI 4 17" with the quite core and it made a small difference in the lower end, but jetting was a pain in the butt. I have just played with the stock stuff, haven't gone to a James Dean YET? and also FMF is supposed to be coming out with a dynojet kit specific for the WR cause the freakin' YZ kit doesmn't work on it. But I have a friend that put a big gun system on his 03 WR and he says it is great. anyway the biggest thing I liked over the stock vs the ti4 system is I saved 3 lbs. I did however use the stainlesss powerbomb for durability, or it would have been almost 4 lbs. I have heard of a lot of guys dinging up their ti headpipes very easily. :):D

Ditto on the dings in the head pipe. Looking very hard at the SS headpipe. :)

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