Black plastics for WR450


UFO Plastic's Dave Antolak informed me that Black Plastics will be availible sometime this month :)

Throw on an Acrebis Cyclops headlight and I'm there! :D

if you want to go YZ GYTR has the shrouds,(needs YZ style tank), front & rear fenders. (BTW GYTR plastic is made by acerbis)

Forgive me for being a newbie, but who makes the best quality platics?

I'd like to have stock my taillight (for saftey I do alot of night missions with my quad buddies) and everything except the stock headlight, man that is the only ugly part of the bike (IMHO) but with the Blitz, Diamond, and Cyclops lights from Acerbis, it's totally a non issue (except for draw demands).

I think I'm going to see how long I can keep her on 2 wheels before plopping the bucks down...

You think Acerbis headlights look nicer than stock? :) The best headlights are Polisport, and unfortunately, there aren't any importers in the states. They make modern looking stuff that doesn't look like ant faces. I'm not saying I totally hate all acerbis stuff, but that Cyclops just looks too cartoon alien like.

ditch the rear fender for a YZ unit, saves at least 2 pounds, and then just get one of those battery operated flashing red lights and zip it to the back of your chest protector, day or night it will make you more visible thanthe steady light and lighter :)

You guys are really concerned with weight. Is 2lbs really that big of a deal? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm just a new rider. that and I figure it's easier for me to lose weight than my bike :)

That aside yeah I like the acerbis lights. For the money they are twice as bright as stock and cheaper to replace its not another Enduro light. To be honest yeah it looks a little out of place but it's different, in a Infiniti FX way and not a Honda Element way.

It would be nice if someone made HIDs for the bike... too bad they require so much juice

when you consider the 2 lbs on the end of your fender with the maximum leverage(being on the end) it can make a difference. Plus I just like the YZ fender looks. also 2 lbs was a low estimate, i lost my figures when I weighed everything out. Now Really do you need to shave the weight off? Well if you race competetively YES! if not then don't sweat it the bike will pull it around all day long. Enjoy.


Not to beat it to death but, could you explain the leverage advantages (like a scenerio or something)? remember I'm new...

As for my weight I'm literally big boneded. It was a PIA in the military, I got taped all the time...At my current muscle mass I'll probably get down to 220 by mid summer (too much snow to ride now).

I do have aspirations of racing in a few years...

by the way your rear disc guard rocks

well, put a five pound weight in your hand and hold your hand straight at your side, pretty easy to hold huh? now hold your arm straight out in front of you, OK now a little harder. :D NOW jump up and down with your arm out, see the difference? Apply this principal to your rear fender, with the extra weight working on your shock. PS don't do this while someone is watching or they will lock you up in the looney bin for sure :)

also, good eye, not many people catch the sharkfin's special air venting :)

All the weight adds up, it's not just the rear light. I have totalled nearly 12 pounds of stuff removed. I even feel it as I get lower in gas. Considering buying YZ tank, shrouds and seat for smaller places. If I new for sure it fit. Anyone?


SJWR450, sweet looking bike-

YZ tank and shrouds are a bolt on application, the IMS tank I have is actually for a YZ. I see you used the YZ black backgrounds. (teltale YZ hole on your airbox) I used some of the excess from the backgrounds and put a cutout in there. I still can't believe Yamaha didn't just make the WHOLE :) airbox black.

FYI - Current GYTR Black shrouds do NOT fit the '04 WR. I have some and I need to return them tomorrow. Slight changes around the middle screw mount and a couple other places. It's not something you could force.


DeltaT- I beg to differ and agree at the same time, you are correct YZ shrouds will NOT fit a stock tanked 03 or 04 WR. BUT let the picture speak for itsself, the pic of my bike above, #613 IS GYT-R YZ shrouds. and they fit fine, remember you need to have a YZ tank, stock or aftermarket as posted earlier in this thread.

You crack me up dude, thanks for expaining it in a way that makes total sense. YZ rear fender it is :)

Honestly I'd like a bigger tank 3.0 would be great. but any chance in getting one in black?

I've got the Clarke 2.8 on my WRF. I got it in black also. I believe that Clarke is the only company that offers at least 15 color options. The IMS/ZIP is blue, natural, and white. Same goes for the Acerbis. The seat is close enough that you don't need a YZF seat. I also put on black YZF shrouds and put a technoflex graphics kit on it. Looks sharp, although it says my WRF is now a YZF.

Ralpho-If you are thinkinking of racing in the future, consider natural, so you can keep and eye on the gas level, and I used to have a black tank on my KX, it was a B@#$% to look inside the tank and see where to gas level was :). But other than that a black tank would look SWEET! :D The shop I got my bike from has named it "The Stealth"

Also I found my notes on weight differences/saving from the parts I have change/removed

--Rear fender WR 4lbs YZ 2lbs

--Pipe WR 8 1/2 lbs FMF Ti4 w/ ti midpipe 4lbs

--Headpipe WR 1/2 lb FMF powerbomb (stainless) 1 1/2lb

I went with the stainless, cause I had a bunch of people tell me their Ti headpipes where getting trashed offroad

Headlight WR 1lb 5 oz YZ numberplate 1/2 lb

Odometer 1 lb

I didn't weigh my tanks, but I did a lady of justice thing and they feel about the same :)

with just the stuff listed above I dropped 7 1/2 lbs and I wasn't really doing it for weight savings, it was more for preformance and looks. But bonus to shave a few pounds.

I dropped 8 lbs off and on

Now that I have gone through all that If you are interested in a totally cool look and dropping half the weight of your plastic, A friend of mine in Phoenix is working on molds for CARBON FIBER YZ rear fender, Front fender and Rad shrouds. They will be expensive, so they are only for the extremely vain or rich, but it will be totally trick. they can come in the standard black/grey carbon look or get this black/blue, black/green, or black/red. picture this the gray fiber stripes you normally see will be where the color is. I am going for black/blue. (it is a very dark blue). As for the weight, if you make carbon fiber the same thickness as the stock plastic, it is about half the weight, but with the resin that he will be using he will be able to make them about a third as thick, which reduce the weight even more, imangine the rear fender coming in at about 1/2 lb. also it will be able to flex like the plastic so as to not just break in a crash. I would have to imagine that if you took a wicked slide though that it would probally tear it up pretty good. If you are interested let me know and I will prompt him for what prices he will be doing it for. He is a great guy and I can't imagine a shoddy product from him. When I get mine I will be sure to post pictures. :)

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