Black plastics for WR450

I remember dirt bike doing an article a long time ago on a bike with full carbon fiber replacements. They found that while the CF had some flex, they tender to break easily where plastic would have flex and gone back to normal. they also felt that the CF parts were dangerously sharp when broken. Just telling it from a magazines test of the parts.

True, but this is to be made with a new resin, that is being used in speed boats that is "supposed" to have the flex properties of plastic. I am going to give it a try and if it don't work, well guess I won't get anymore. :)

That would be sweet I'll let you know as soon as ESPN sends that damned offer letter they are draggin their butts on. Till then the bank is trying to tell me I'm all broke and shiyat.

It's not glamorous but it's second shift = daylight = riding= :)

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