dirt rider tests wr250/wr450

march dirt rider came today. has a write up on the '04's. i won't try to retype the whole thing here. let's just say, there is plenty to chuckle about. "...lance smail and stephan everts both proved that a near-stock wr450 can be a serious race weapon." "near-stock"?! :)

My WR450 is faster than I am. :) I believe that the near stock machine can win in any top level racer's hands. :D

What I found interesting is the statement about how reliable the 03's were. There is no doubt that the majority have not had the dreaded woodruff key failure but there has been more than enough to take the reliablity a long way out of the "Reliable" catagory. Yamaha must have payed someone or the mags are very out of touch with whats going on with the bikes.

just remember that near stock to a PRO is pretty trick for us normal folk. I have an 04 and feel I have filled it out nicely, but it is very similar to the "near stock" bike these guys have been riding.- FMF powerbomb- Ti4 mid pipe and canister, YZ plastic, Ty davis IMS tank w/ drybrake, GPR V2 stabalizer w/ applied top triple, air box holes cut out, cycra handguards Devol skidplate, brake snake/shifter snake, reaer disc sharkfin, You know just the essentials :D anyway can't complain took 1st in Gila Bend last weekend against a KX 500, 2 KTM 300EXCs and a fast guy on a trick-DRZ400 :):D

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