Well it's time for a new chain slide and I would like to get something superior to stock. I don't want to do the inner tube thing again on a stock replacement and I have heard from other riders that the "TM Design" chain slide is very noisey so I would like to find other options if I could. Is the UFO slider any good :D? Any other choices would be appriciated :D.

Thanks, Smoke :)

The new TM design is not noisy. The old TM design is. I have the old design. The new one has a different compound inside that is softer and does not bang like the older version. :)

A friend of mine just installed a TM designs chain slider and he really likes it. He mentioned that it wasn't any louder than the stocker. He also installed a TM designs chain guide. We've got a running bet as to how long that stays on there before a big old rock takes it out. :)

I have both and have no issues with a rock taking out the rear guide. It is only slightly thicker than stock. I am very happy with the TM Designs quality! :)

Hey, wouldn't you know butch already has a stock replacement in my garage waiting for you? :):D

Mark, I was hopeing to not have to do the inner tube fix on the stock replacement so the slide doesn't wear away at the swing arm under the slide. I guess Yamaha does this to sell swingarms to people that hold onto their bike for more than a year or two :) I may just get the TM Designs slider after all.

Smoke :D

I know you wanted the TM design. I just thought it was funny that Butch got the part before he found out you wanted it or the TM. :D:)

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