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Issues with high-beam bulb burnout on 79 Honda XR500

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I have a 1979 Honda XR500 which has two electrical issues! The first problem is that the high-beam wire on my front lightbulb burns out as soon as I flip the switch from low to high beam. The low beam light is working fine. The rear standard, and brake light work also fine. I did have to change the rear bulb out about a month ago, since the wire on the brake bulb was burned out also. I changed the bulb and had no more problems with the running, or brake light bulb since then.


The second issue is that the speedometers light is not working.  The bulb seems fine, just not lighting up! 


Does anybody have any thoughts of where I should start to look for a possible ground fault? I purchased the bike from her original owner 16 month ago, and I am just now getting to the point with finishing some minor cosmetic and mechanical repairs. I have no history on the bike. I am from NC, and she came from Cincinnati. I guess that I could take the bike apart to trace every wire, but I am hoping for an easier solution. 


Any comments or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 






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