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2014 FE250 - Available Lowered Seat?

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I've a question about 2014 FE250 husky seat lowering option.

(I guess model 2015 is also the same.)


Since I'm looking for maximum lowering option, I've found this product so far.

Code : 8000H2442


This will lower the seat by 35mm, which is good for me.

Would this fit to my husky?


I contact online shops and local dealers and they don't know until

they actually try one. So they actually tell me to check internet prior to an order. hmm....

Instead, they recommend new low seat which only lowers 15mm, not enough for me.

(looking better but not for me, I would rather modify stock seat for lowering.

 I hope husky to know that anyone looking for lowering seat would want more than 15mm)



Is there any one try 35mm lowering (8000H2442) seat

on 14-later husky fe250?

Do I need any modification or something? or it just doesn't fit?


Thank you for your help.

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It works until you start riding aggressively. I have done that on other bikes but the intended rider will never ride anywhere near aggressive otherwise your handling is severely altered and very unbalance. You are better off dropping the suspension via internal valving/bumper otherwise why buy the FE and not a KLX???

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