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Top bike for what i want to do w/ it (list in post)

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okay so basically sold my cbr1000rr 08, to purchase a track bike and have some cash left over for a new toy, I'm basiically going to use it to whip around town i just got so sick of how heavy street bikes are and want to be able to cruise around and have some pick up to it, probably ride it as my daily unless it rains, also my gf has a dirt bike so i would be taking the bike off road probably 20-30% of the time i do not mind picking up an extra set of SM rims or off road rims and tires if need be more just wanna be happy w/ the bike here are the choices I'm concidering


2007 & up yamaha wr450f

2005 & up drz400sm

2009 ktm 350-500

2008 Husqvarna te450

I've searched around have haven't ever really found any concrete answers as far as maintenance goes, I'm more looking at how many miles i can get out of each bike and which performes the best on the street illinois is very stick w/ bikes so not to many people around me have any answers,I'm not afraid to do any but I'm not trying to be in the garage more than the road :ride: thanks for the help

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DRZ400 will be the most reliable in my eyes. I rode one in SM trim for awhile and can really put up miles. However, it's a pig everywhere else compared to the others. If you want a light weight bike the drz is not. The DRZ motor has a few mods you can do to increase reliability. Check out the forum for that.

The Husqvarna is very nice and that model year is reliable. However, aftermarket parts are hard to find as is oem parts. I have a husky cr144 now and also had a husky Tc250.

Other bikes you mentioned will be the fastest and best performance and higher mmaintenence. I'm not talking fix something every week but routine maintenance and service intervals I would stick to.

Make sure the bikes can be street legal in ordinance to your state laws.

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Although I am a WR fan I would strike that one from the list since you want more street, mainly because of the maint intervals. If it were reversed and 70% dirt I would reconsider but would still caveat that it would also require a $600 cush hub. I would get more of a dual sport, worry free maint schedule!

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