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Just thought I'd share this. I started using Gojo orange pumice hand cleaner on my bike .It cleaned everything great.Wipe it on with a damp rag and hose it of.It made the plastics,rims and engine look new.Its cheep too


Wow, I would have thought that it would scratch up your plastic...


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no the pumice is very mild.Its for your hands.

Hmmmmmmmmmm interesting, I know it does a great job on the hands. You just might be on to something. I bet your hands are really,really clean when you're done.

Simple green gets my vote. But when I run out I'de have no problem giving the ole' orange a try. Thanks

Dan L. put me on the Simple Green. Can't say enough good about it!


try Mr Clean. I learned this from Maico factory mechanics back in the 70's. You can dilute it (1 part water,1 part Mr clean.) Just wet bike, spray on, hose off. Works much better than Simple Green, and cheaper too.

I haven't tried any of the gojo for other than my hands (great for hands!) but there is also a non-pumice version (no abrasives). This works great on hands and maybe safer for the bike??

I'm using .99 cents GOJO to clean my air filter and it works very well on the air filter element too ! Give it a try ! Cheaper than the PJ1 Filter Cleaner Spray and last longer !

Hope this help any one ! :)

Isn't Wesley's hard on aluminum?

Cal, I was a big simple green fan until I tried the Westley's. I've used it for about 5 years, and had no problems.(I think I just jinxed myself). I dont let it sit on the bike for more than about a minute. Leaves it looking like new. Does a good job on the extra chainlube that gets all over the swingarm too.

Dave I used mr clean for 1 season it worked great but it faded my plastics badly.(on a honda)the fenders turned pink.

I thought it would scratch the plastic too....oh well, Im using either simple green or castrol super clean.. :)


Watch out for the Castrol, I've had it make streaks, (never to come out without steel wool) on bare aluminum.

It must be slightly caustic. But I also might have left it on too long. come to think of it it was also hard on clear coated surfaces.


Oh God! :) We better not let our girl's see this posting. They will want to know why we don't worry this much about the kitchen floor, or worse. How come we arent cleaning the damn thing.

Simple Green...

It works great and is environmentally worries letting it drain on the grass and into the sewer...don't forget that when deciding what product to buy...whatever you choose you will go through a lot of it...better for the karma..

Just my .02

Ride On.....

J :)

Hey Guys

I've been using a product called CHARLIE'S SOAP for the past five years and I can't say enough good things about it. It's biodegradable and doesn't hurt delicate surfaces. It will clean just about anything. Check them out at

I use 1 part Simple Green, 1 part laundry detergent, 2 parts water. Leaves the bike mountainy fresh :)

I don't see how it could get much better than Simple Green.

I have been using Westley's bleach white tire cleaner. Spray it on and hose it off. 10 times better than Simple Green. Give it a try you'll be amazed.

Simple Green has a big brother, Simple Green Automotive. If you thought the regular kind worked great, wait till you try this stuff. I've only seen it at AutoZone stores though.

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