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2015 wr250f

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Not sure if this thread has been started yet but here it is anyways. There has been lots of talk of what the new yz250fx is going to be like in another thread. But what do you guys think of the 2015 wr250f? Yamaha has made alot of changes but is it going to be that much better than say the 2013 wr250f. What do you guys think of this new bike.



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Looks like what everyone wanted to see:


A 2015 YZ250F with electric start, lights, the latest fork and rear shock, and an 18" rear wheel.

Of course, it will be sold as EPA-compliant for off-road use.

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For the average guy, look at your fork tubes after a ride, see how many times you actually use full travel.  I am betting most trail riders seldom come close to using full travel.  I doub tthe intended audience will miss that travel.  Especially if it is well valved and sprung.


They lower radiators and fuel tanks less than an inch and get improved handling, think of how good the bike will handle by being a bit lower.  I am 6 ft 1 in so tall bikes do not bother me, most of my riding buddies complain about today's towering seat heights.  There is definitely a market for a bike with a lower seat height.


I think it is clever market positioning for Yamaha to offer 2 different versions, the bikes will cater to 2 different buyers.   I know a lot of guys that will buy the WR just because of the lower seat height.


There was a year back in the 80's or 90's (can't recall exactly when)  when Yamaha offered the YZ 125 and 250 with less suspension travel, the mags raved about the improved cornering and increased confidence you felt riding the bikes.  They said you could not tell that they had reduced travel as the bikes performed as good as anything else jumping etc (for normal customers applications).  But the customers (that's us) are a funny group, we often THINK we need certain things, even if testing proves otherwise.  Herd mentality prevailed, and their sales were lower, so they went back to the same travel as everyone else after a year or two.


Let's all keep an open ,mind, let's actually ride the darn things before we start venting about if it's gonna be great, or bad or somewhere in between,   Ride it, then make a decision if it works or not!!!


I am betting for 2 nice bikes that serve different riders needs.

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