2006 yz450 f and 2007 yz 450f

So what are the differences?

Not much, the CDI on the 06 is tuned for a more aggressive "hit" bottom to mid while the 07 revs out a little better. 

OEM suspension tuning is slightly stiffer on the '07, the '07 uses a different exhaust cam with closer lobe centering for a higher power range, and a different ignition map, as mentioned above.  Otherwise, very little difference.

So the 07 would be more rider friendly? If it's more revable I thi k I may like that better coming from 2 stroke back ground. I just sold an 07 yz 250f and I liked that. The 06 yz450 I'm on now is just ridiculous. I'm not use to throttle control like this. I'm use to revving and handing a little more forgiveness, this bike doesn't give u an inch

The '07 actually has about 1 more HP than the '06, it's just a little less explosive off the bottom.  Changing to an '07 CDI will take some of the bite out of the low end, but not a lot.  Either one will rev quite a bit higher than your old two-stroke.  Just learn how not to rip into the thing without thinking.


If you're thinking of trading, it's a big step down in power, but in terms of a forgiving bike, the YZ250F will let you get away with just about anything.

The older I get, my kids etc, I just don't know if a 450 is for me. I feel like I'm gonna fly away on the thing I can't imagine what newer machines are like. I just wanna have fun. I'm amazed at the 06 yz 450s power. Today from 3rd to 4th it literally was looping on me, it's challenging to ride.

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