WR gearbox swop out

Hi guys am in need of some advice / info the gear box on my yzf 426 has a lot off damage to most of gears along with drum & selector forks after speaking to my local dealer about cost he's saying it be cheaper to put a full replacement gearbox

So after looking about av came across a yzf450 motor .

But will all the shafts & gearbox

fork selector and drum just swop out a 450 in to a 426 case in with out any problems

Shouldn't be a problem. I'm just basing this statement off of the fact that you can use a 400/426 or 450 trans in a YZ250 2T and everything interchanges. The only complication with the swap is when you're putting a WR trans in the 2T. 1st gear-driven in a WR400/426 and some 450's (not sure which years) is larger than than the case and some slight grinding is required for clearance. It's not much. Depending on which year of 450, it may be a complete non-issue. It may be a non-issue anyway with the 4T. You can even use different combinations of gears to get different ratios to suit you're needs. There's a really good thread on the Yamaha 2t forum with a LOT of info as to how these combos are put together.

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