You gotta love Colorado

Where else in the world can you have 84 degrees one day and 34 and a foot of snow the next? Where else can you ride your bike one day and go skiing the next?

So I have this new SV650 sitting in my garage and all I can do is daydream about riding it. It is May 4th for Pete's sake...I want to ride damn it. Street or dirt, I don't care.

But that's OK, It will be in the 70's again on Sunday, the snow will be melted and I will be on my way. You gotta love CO.

I agree, but will Rampart be clear by Sunday?

It's the heavy wet stuff, so I'm praying it will melt. Saturday showers and 58 degrees may wash it all away. A good day to do some much needed maintenance.

Damn weather, I dont make any money if its like this, but oh well, so Dougie when is your next release date to go ride? Id like to go if you dont mind me slowing you down to much.

Dougie I feel your pain. Here in Anchorage Alaska we just got dumped on too. I scheduled one vacation day to coincide with my days off so I could have plenty of time to ride and the white shhhhhtuff ruined it for me.


Alaskan rider, '00 WR400FM, WR timing, air box lid removed,Throttle stop trimmed,Baffle removed, MSR skid plate, Works frame guards.


'00 Grizzly YFM600

I here what you are saying. Just a Kansas boy here that had planned on a father son ride at Rampart this weekend. Traveled 5 hours to see a bunch of the white stuff. Did manage to spend Saturday Afternoon at Fay Meyers. Is that place cool or what. Maybe I'm just used to our small bike shops in Kansas that sell more lawnmowers than bikes. Looking forward to many rides in Colorado again this year. Should be almost 20 years at Rampart for me. Started when I was about twelve or thirteen.

Originally posted by dkuntz:

Traveled 5 hours to see a bunch of the white stuff.

Five hours to ride at Rampart? We gotta talk! Drop us CO boyes a line the next time you come into town. We'll show you some better stuff!


In Colorado, you've got to learn to dual-sport: dirt bike and snowmobile! That way you're always riding and always happy!

Happy Freezer

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