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I was looking at a couple previous contests and realised that I haven't done one of these in a long time, actually Dec 4th was the last one...


We've had 4 contests to date....























I'm not sure 100% what the prize will be, but it will be AWESOME! Could be anything from a Stabilizer Kit, Oversized Tank, OS rotor kit, set of RARE GOLDENTYRES, new gear, new plastics etc etc. I'm going to leave this one up to the you! In respect we will try to support TT and whatever the product is by buying the item from their store first......


In general I will let the winner decide what HE/SHE wants and it will be worth around the $300+/- mark


So how do you WIN??????

In no-less then a short 5 sentence story AND A PICTURE (or more for brownie points), tell us how your year of riding has been. Tell us about a memorable ride with a friend or 2, maybe a wife or girlfriend, a race you entered whether you placed or pushed!? Maybe its

your first year, how has it been, tough? Easy? Any and every story works as long as its related to dirtbiking. If you're serious about this, really put a good effort in as this is how I pick a winner......


As before, there is a deadline. The contest will end NOV 21st and a winner chosen over the following weekend.......


GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!! And we all look forward to reading the great stories....



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Awesome, you're the best Monk!


My year of racing has been amazing to say the least! I finished at the top of the podium for my Districts 200A class. I've worked so hard and now after many years I finally get a "Champion" jacket from the district. While 2014 was good to me, i feel like 2015 will be even better! I have recently had the opportunity to race the GNCC series in the XC2 Pro Lites class. I'm so excited I smile like a little kid just thinking about it. That being said, the closest race is 21 hours away  :jawdrop:  which is an absolute wallet destroyer. Especially for an 18 year kid working his way through college. I would preferably ask for $300 of gas money, or entry fees, but as to support TT, a set of tires from the store would do me wonders!





Thanks for the opportunity! 


Tanner Huotari #741





For the brownie points :D



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My year hasn't been so good, I've spend the past summer completely rebuilding my bike from scratch so hardly any ride time except for last night with a buddy. Throttle was nice and crisp but the only thing I didn't replace was my bars, that would be the only thing to make this project complete! 



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This year I came back to riding after 5 years away. I could finally afford a bike for myself and also for my wife. I taught her how to ride recently and she fell in love with the sport just like I did about 10 years ago. We both need a new set of tires so I would definitely have that be my prize

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I have many memorable stories, so difficult to choose. My wife has been riding with me for nearly 20 years and there have been some really defining moments. 2 years ago I lost half a finger off my left hand and learned that an event we had been attending for several years would be holding the last hosted by the original hosts. This event is an offshoot of the Colorado 500 and is promoted as a family event to raise funds for the sport we love. We decided to attend anyway, since I could not ride, and I had an opportunity to meet one of my childhood heroes. Here is the pic. I was so excited, acted just like a stupid teenager.


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IMG_1462.JPGSorry, Just recognized that the last tale was not a current year story. I have a friend who recently got back into riding after a few years off the bike. He missed a ride last year and decided to go out for a spin later in the evening with his plated bike. Misjudged a corner and went down on the pavement. Long story short, he ended up having shoulder surgery so he could not ride his new bike at all last year.


Fast forward to this year. I have been trying to get him up in the high country all summer. He finally made it! Rode a 75 mile loop with my wife and I. Bonus- I got to change my first flat tire while on the trail, on his bike. Never done it outside the garage before, I was so happy I was able to accomplish it in the woods, would've ruined the ride, my pal is terrible at directions and we probably would have had to ride roads back to camp to get him back. Hard to believe that in all these years I've never had to do this on the trail. G




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I entered my 3rd race November 1st, and things didn't turn out as planned. I'm obviously a C class rider, and had a decent start running mid pack. I participated in this same race last year, and placed 38th of 46. I was aiming for a top 20 finish. Turns out I had a couple nasty spills. The first two were within 30 seconds of each other 🤦 . They looked like damp sections of track...and they were. It was peat and its like quick sand. The bike came to a complete stop, and I didn't🤣 . The last crash I ended my race. It was a foolish mistake, but I was hurting pretty bad. I had some really bad bruises on the front of my legs from hitting the bars, a really sore neck, and a tweaked right knee from the creek. I was pretty bummed out, but I'll be back next year 👍 .



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Well, this past year has been a huge learning experience for me.  It's been my first full year of riding and learning how to do things on my bike mechanically as well as techniques.  I've never had experience with motorized anything and learning how to rejett was an adventure that was wicked fun! At the beginning of good weather I started riding with my Honda 230f and was trying to get as much seat time as possible because a riding buddy put the bug in my ear of riding OCCRA which is the racing circuit here in Oklahoma.  I never thought I'd get good enough to do so or have the ovaries to do it in the first place.  I went down to a guy to help me with some riding techniques and it really helped ALOT.  I was planning on starting racing the following year thinking that after I bought my WR250f, I'd have to get acquainted with it just like my honda.  I ended up racing an entire half season before my goal! Which felt awesome! My first race was in deep sand which I've had some experience and just knew to keep gassing it through and keeping the front end light.  It was 100° F day, a doozy to say the least.  I made it three laps where the more seasoned riders did 4.  I was really racing against myself to get introduced to racing, the process, the nerves, etc.  It was the greatest time I've had! Plus it was awesome to be riding with more experienced ladies and the fact they are super motivational and supportive; like a family, in fact the whole OCCRA deal is one big riding family.  I've met a lot of riding people throughout this summer that have taught me a lot of different things and keep telling me how much I've progressed.  When I did get my new bike there were a lot of things that needed to change though.  It felt almost worse than my 230f was.  I needed to rejet it, take out the AIS that is stock so you can ride it where the enviro people won't freak out, put a fuel mixture screw in for easy adjustments, changed out the throttle stop screw, etc.  Had to lower it and get suspension because everytime I tried to put my foot down in corners it would either sorta work or I'd just fall over because I'm only 5'1" and it was tall.  I then put on handguards, skid plate and rad guards (which i got from some awesome people as a gift), new grips etc.  The bike then turned into Gracie 😛  because I'm all but graceful on her but she's mine and made for me which is awesome and I love her! She hasn't treated me bad yet!  Overall, this past year has been a major learning and life experience.  It has helped me get over some fears, allowed me to meet some awesome people that know tons about bikes that want to teach me when I ask, and just having that extended family in a place where I have no actual family; is the greatest feeling I've had.  Being able to get out on a bike everyday while on days off and forgetting about reality and just enjoying the ride and trying to get better was awesome.  Riding has really changed my life for the better and I'd not trade it for anything! Oh yeh, not to mention riding for a friend who can't ride anymore, that's an honor for me.  You'll see his name on my bike, I sharpied it 😛 Once I get graphics I'll have him in there permanently.  Also, taking up racing caused me to get to the gym and start training to be able to keep up with everyone.  I've been eating and feeling better than I have in a long time! So again, huge life changer for me.


Here are some race pics and some of me working on my bike 😛



Green flag.




Me trying to look like a bada$$ in corners 😛








After going over my first log! haha that was scary!!!




Working on the jetting and removing the AIS thing.








oil change, my first one on Gracie 🙂




Fuel Mixture screw.




After I put on the handguards, rad guards, and skid plate.



Alot of the stuff I did I had some supervision just as someone to tell me I'm doing things right.  Also had some help off of hear from WeekendRider 🙂


Just an unbelievable year.  Taught me a lot about myself 🙂 You can do something when you put your mind to it and I sure as hell made that happen! Still am 🙂


love riding!

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My riding was was amazing. Couldn't of asked for more. I had back surgery a bit ago so that put me out for riding for about a year. That sucked, i honestly almost went crazy. 4 months in bed over summer while my friends were outside running? No thanks. But that's not the point. When I did go riding over summer it was amazing. I was super out of shape and had to be careful but there was nothing like it. Went out to silver lakedunes and had a blast with my brother and dad. Nothing like family bonding(:

And I'm thankful this contest just popped up because I'm making a pretty large purchase and cutting my price in half would make this 15 year old very happy(:

Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone else!


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First, Monk, thanks for doing another contest. These are always fun just seeing what other people ride, and have to say.
This last year of riding has been pretty great!
For the past I don't know how long I've pretty much not ridden from July-Novemeber because of
my commitment to football. I love riding, but I figured I only have junior high-high school for football,
so I better have as much fun as I can with it.
Now that I've graduated and I'm starting college I've had a lot more time for riding, and it's been great.
I've riding since I was about 5 years old, but never got into racing. That changed this year and I decided
to run a race series that consisted of harescrambles and motocross spread throughout the year.
My first few harescrambles were snowing/freezing rain, but I raced anyway and had a great time.
The moto races were fun, lots of bar banging, and it was just really fun having the challenge of racing.
One of my favorite races was on memorial day, it started raining at 5am, and didn't let up until the racing
was about over. Even though it was muddy (I'm talking foot deep puddles, 2 foot deep ruts) I had a blast,
probably the most fun I've had at a race. All the races were fun however, due to it being a new series there were maybe 8-10 riders in each class, but there was always someone who made it challenging.
Along with trying to get a start racing, I've just been doing a lot
of riding in general. Any open practice I usually go to.

During mid August my dad, about 6 of our friends, and I went on a man trip the Taylor Park, Colorado.
We rode for 3 days, and about 250 miles total. We would wake up, get dressed, then ride our bikes to the restaurant.
Then go out all day and ride.
The second day was the killer. It was about 80 miles on
gnarly single, with a few roads. Colorado was just so much fun because you could ride nearly ever where we were at!

You would ride down to the diner, or down to the gas station in the morning to fuel up. We would also plan our rides so

around noon we'd be near a town. once you get to a town you could just ride up to the general store, grab a bite to eat,

then hope back on a keep riding only taking your helmet and gloves off to go in the store. It was really an amazing riding experience

in how you could ride for 80+ miles and never really hit the same trail twice. I look forward to going back next year very much!

Colorado was amazing, beautiful views, and a great place to ride.

Recently I just fixed my bike up a bit, just general maintenance mainly. Laced a new wheel, re-sprung forks, and so on.
I also designed some graphics for my bike. I've been messing around with graphics for awhile, but I finally decided to
go for it and have them printed. They turnedout better than I hope. Along with the new seat cover (thanks Monk),
my bike looks the best it's ever been.

For the rest of the year I'm just getting ready for some woods riding since the tracks will be closing up soon. I also plan
on riding a bit of arenacross this winter for fun!

Random pics

Right now? I'm headed back from Chadwick after a great afternoon of riding. :ride:

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My year of riding has been good even though I couldn't ride for a few months because of surgery. My favorite memory is riding at my cousins house. It was real wet and slick so the hill climbs were real tough. We came up to one hill climb and nobody wanted to do it because they all thought it was to slick and steep. But I thought I could do it so I attempted it and well it didn't go as I thought. I hit the hill with not a whole bunch of speed and was spinning out the whole time. About 3/4 the way up I got traction and pulled a huge wheelie and stalled the bike. Since it was real wet holding my front brake in didn't keep me from sliding down. I ended up falling off the bike and rolled the whole way down the hill and got covered in mud. Right after that my cousin thought he could do it. He hit it with more speed but ended up doing the exact same thing as me. After that we all had a big mud fight and just flung mud at each other. It was a blast. Sorry I don't know how you post pics on here

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Monk you're the man!!

My last year? I've been in a tough situation financially so the riding has been minimal. I did make it to the track once and was able to go with my girlfriend riding in local trails and such. She loved it there's no better bonding than riding and a good day out in the woods 🙂. I've been making sure as far as tuning bs maintenance goes my bike is sound, so in the garage it sits, fresh and poised to strike when I finally get the money and time to take her out and have some fun. Riding is the most important thing in my life, not being able to ride so much this year wasn't fun, but the smile on my girlfriends face after a loop was well worth the times we did go!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1415583967.209653.jpg

And if I had 300$ to put into the bike? White plastics and graphics, I worked hard reviving this bike, time to make it pretty 🙂👍

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I've had better years! I have been working so much to make ends meet. Last weekend was the first time I was able to go riding since last Thanksgiving.

I told my son we would go and he was more than estatic, but when I was getting the my bike ready of course it would not run. I cleaned the jets and still nothing. In order to not let my boy down I opted for a quad.

I could really use a carb rebuild kit and radiator braces since all the threaded tabs are broke causing the shroud bolts to just spin unless held with vise grips.



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Your awesome monk. This year has been a great year of riding very memorable. Started out good lots of fun spring riding. Even got my little girl a bike this year and she loves it. Then my riding buddy had a bit of bad luck no money and injured. Was able to make it out a few times with the wife which was awesome. But life got to busy with the kids. Looked for some other riding buddies to go with, started going with a couple kids from my neighborhood. A couple 16 year olds that are great at riding just as long as we can keep their bikes running which I experienced a few times on the trail always fun to try and fix things on the trails. Then school started so lost my other riding buddies for the fall so tried to get my friend that has been out from bad luck out again. Ended up buying him some parts to get his bike up and running again to go out till the snow hits. Overall been a great memorable year. Now I can't wait till spring.









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Thanks for yet another fun opportunity for us Monk....I always enjoy reading through everyone's stories. 


This year was my second year racing here in Maine. I learned and improved a ton and more importantly spent every weekend or two with a great group of friends and family. The amount of family support I receive is unreal and I'm truly grateful for it. They make sacrifices just to see me living my dream. My dad, who works nights driving truck, sometimes will get out of work and go straight to the track, only to turn back around and head back to work again. I really couldn't have done any of this without him and his willingness to be awake for 24+ hours at a time. Thanks Dad!


This first picture really shows what I was talking about. This race my dad arrived from work just as I was heading to the line. He left our house 2 nights earlier for Fort Kent, slept in his truck the night after that, and then drove back to Portland the next day and then to MX-207!





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"Last year of riding" includes snowmobile season too. 👍


Certainly a year of firsts for me.  Got heavily involved with Tyler's Backcountry Awareness, doing avalanche safety and survival education.  About a year ago I designed and built a wireless avalanche beacon training system... first patent... deployed that at most of the races this year including Jackson Hole world championship hillclimbs and the local RMSR circuit.  Lots of windshield time chasing races and staffing the booth at shows/events.  Did you know that the explosive trigger on ABS airbags will trigger the trace detection machines at the airport?  That's a 45-60 minute delay when you test hot for "military-grade explosives".

And speaking of racing... another first.  Threw my hat into the ring for Longtrack Snocross, 800 Improved Stock Hillcross and Hill Drags.  #155 on the Polaris Pro-RMK. :D


Dirt wasn't as good this year... with 22,000+ miles on the bike it was time for some serious maintenance.  Ripped apart down to the frame, every part got scrubbed.  All new seals/gaskets, fresh top-end, replaced almost every bearing... about 3 months of work, every weekend.  Running great now, but with snow approaching quickly it's time to shift gears back to the snowmobile and get that ready to ride.


Made it into CBMR's promo video for Ultimate Snowmobiler (About 1min in) :busted: 



Snocross went a lot like this... that type of racing on a longtrack mountain sled is brutal.



August, I finally got my bike together and broken in.  Been a long summer (and expensive, truck's mileage isn't that great) without riding.



Really looking forward to getting back on the snow in a month or two. :ph34r:


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