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2000 KX250 ReBuild

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     In September 2013, I bought my very first dirt bike. But not just any dirt bike, it was a 2-stroke. A friend of mine has an '89 TRX250R and I absolutely could not get enough of the way it sounded. Before I had gotten the bike, I was out ripping on an '04 CRF70 that we had for a few years (yes, technically that's my first dirt bike, but this one is MINE) I was practicing cornering and wheelies of course, waiting for the day to arrive that I would buy it. I ended up purchasing a "2002 KX250" for $1,350. A little much for me but I didn't care as it was mine and I was going to love it. After the purchase about a week or so the new bike rush started to fade and I was slowly noticing one problem after another. The air box had a large weathered crack leading up to the carb, the sub-frame was tweaked, and my biggest scare, the engine had a ridiculously obnoxious knocking sound to it. One of my very first purchases ended up being new tires as the old ones had maybe 1/2" left of tread on them but still hooked well. The second of course was new plastics, the old ones were cracking and fading more and more each time I looked at it. The third purchase was a new radiator because the one on it had been crushed almost in half on the right side (Didn't leak a single drop of coolant!) And my last purchase, was some Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reeds. I spent about two weeks getting parts and putting them back on, in middle of waiting I was working on polishing the pipe mainly (way too many hours into that). Finally, she was done, I started her up on just a few kicks and she ran good. That's when the knocking became too much for me to handle. In total I had maybe 3 hours of ride time in and already $500 on just small parts. A few more rides and I took her up to the mechanic to figure out what could possibly be wrong with my "brand new" dirt bike and why it knocks. He said a number of things including my rod being wobbled out on the crank shaft. That's when I started the largest project of them all. I tore it completely down in October 2013 and went to work. Due to not having a large cash flow in the motor sat until May 2014. I got enough money and sent the motor to my very skilled mechanic. I decided on getting a new piston and crankshaft as it had vertical play between the rod and shaft. When he inspected the cylinder, things became clear. 1. Either replate or run it. The scratches were too deep to ignore, I opted to get a new cylinder as it was the most obvious choice for me too choose. After another 2 months of paying the mechanic until I could take the motor home we ran into another problem, he was putting the power valve parts together and we had a problem. They didn't fit. We were confused for a few minutes until he asked if I was sure it was a 2002 Kx250, I had promised him that it was until I called my father minutes later and he read me the Serial Number, revealing in fact that it was a 2000 Kx250. I was devastated to say the least, now I was back to 2 options. 1. Send the cylinder back and get a 2000 cylinder with a 20% restocking fee ($100) or save 2 weeks and just order in the power valve parts ($200) that would fit the cylinder, I chose the more expensive route and just ordered the parts. In addition to motor work, I decided to powder coat the frame, rims, hubs, spokes, and nipples. I ordered an almost exact match of color from PrismaticPowders.com   For 5 pounds of powder it cost about $75.00 and I still have more than half of a bag left. (Maybe a future project)  I spent a few hours getting the rims together and had my mechanic mount them. Then, school started and I moved to a town 10 minutes away in my own house all alone. I moved the dirt bike into the living room and got to work. In 2 weeks she was completely put together and ready to run. At 10:30 p.m. she breathed the cold Nebraska air for the first time in over a year. All the time and effort and she's got a quick hit to the RPM and tears up the dirt like never before. All in all, with no experience working on a dirt bike I think I got pretty good doing trial and error and rebuilding it (besides the motor) all by myself.


Thanks for reading! (This is my first post so constructive criticism would be great)

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