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Transition to big bikes from 85

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Hi there. I've been competing at national level in the 85 big wheel class (here in the uk) and I'm making the transition to big bikes. Today at a a fun meeting, I rode a crf250 and yz 125 with plenty of mods. The person I shared the crf with said it doesn't matter if it blows as it is being fully rebuilt. It was wet at the start if the day but I didn't notice a difference in grip compared to a 2T. Also the power felt really weak throughout the rev range. Sure enough after the 1st race the valves were rattling and didn't want to risk it.

I missed the 2nd race due to not having a bike to ride.

In the last I borrowed a yz125 with a ton of mods to be a yz200. The power was great I slight flick of te clutch and it was a rocket ship but very manageable. My front end washed out near the end which no matter what big bike I've ridden the front end is untrustworthy. Probably help riding a bike with suspension for me but I was only slightly off on the weight of the bike owner.

The power is really easy to manage although I have good experience with other bikes as I've ridden since 50's.

The weight didn't feel any different when you got going but you felt it near the end.

Hopefully when I get a 125/150 over the winter and get it setup I will be plenty confident.

Thanks for reading this quick review of the mini-->bigbike transition.


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