02 YZ426 Tusk clutch kit.

Hey everyone, I'm having a confusing time trying to install my new clutch kit (first time installing a new kit) I picked up a Tusk kit because of the decent reviews and low price point, I've heard the stories about them being junk as well but for the cost and seeing more positive then negitive I wanted to give them a shot.

Anyway the install instructions are very vauge, I'd like to know what needs to be installed. As it is right now I have the stock 2002 YZ426 clutch with the eight matching friction plates, and a 9th friction being a larger diamter, seven steel clutch disks and an 8th being the matte finish, also the cushion spring and a seat plate.

whats confusing me is the clutch packageing says, "before installing the tusk clutch kit be sure to remove all of your stock friction plates, drive plates, and any spacers or clutch boss springs (if applicable) your tusk clutc kit will be replacing your entire stock clutch stack."

thats pretty clear, whats throwing me off is that it says that but still incudes a special friction plate that has the larger diameter, as for the steel clutch plates they all look exactly the same.... So do i still need the cushion spring/seat plate anymore? and does it not matter if there is no special clutch disk anymore?

any imput would be much apprechiated.
Thank you!

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The plate with the larger ID is to clear the clutch boss spring.  Their instructions are claiming that you don't need it.  You can try it their way, and if it's grabby and difficult to modulate or feather it smoothly, you can add those parts back.  With a Tusk, I think I'd try it without the beveled spring and the spring plate, because Tusk clutches tend to drag rather badly at first as it is.  With boss spring gone, the position or use of the larger ID plate is unimportant.

I'm just going to give you one more warning. i put in the Tusk clutch after posting and asking here on TT and considering reviews from multiple sites. I was told what it would do and it did EXACTLY that. Swelled and shrunk so much during the course of a ride that it made it impossible to do anything but ride full out. Any terrain that required clutch control or finesse was a no go. I put up with it for two rides, and then found a new OEM clutch kit on eBay for $87.00 bucks. Tusk clutch is now in the trash.


Consider yourself warned. But if you are hard headed like me expect to buy two clutches.  

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