Wanted Front Brake Rotor

Mine got hammered last weekend - about a 4 inch bend. Anyone have one they want to sell ?? Thanks!


Braking Wave-Rotor.........this is all you will ever need.


David, please explain. Short sentence. Cause confusion. :)

I'm on a budget - hence looking for a used one ... If I had the cash I would be complaining about a bent wave rotor instead of a bent stock one .. ... thanks though ..

Scarylong here you go http://www.brakingusa.com/wave_disk.html

CFisher185- if you want the best brakes here is the solution - see above link, w/honda routed front brake line. I see your a harescramble guy. For your budget buy yourself a front brake rotor cover $30.00. Next time this will save you the $100-300.00 you are going to have to spend to fix this. Also check out AM-PRO Racing (Randy Hawkins Business)for similar braking products/solutions

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