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1973 cb350 advice

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Hello all


A few years ago I bought a 73 cb350 twin for $600 from a guy who couldn't get it running and needed the money due to a new baby. I bought it with the intention of doing a cafe build, but the bike was actually cleaner than I expected. I put a new battery and cleaned the carbs and it started right up. While working on the carbs I noticed the vin on the motor was different than the one on the frame plate. I found the codes online to check the years and it looks like the motor is from 73. The paint is also a 73 color (metallic purple). The bike would need a front fender (bent) one filter cover and stock mirrors to be a very nice original bike.


So my questions are

Do I have a pieced together bike? some 71 some 73

How does this affect the value? I figure I could sell it for 2500 easy maybe 3k.

Is it worth selling since its so clean and using the money to buy more of a project bike?

I would feel bad customizing something so original.


see pics attached for condition


Thanks in advance for your advice.



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Don't cafe' it up!  I have several CB350's from 69-73 The engine and frame numbers won't match each will carry its own serial number starting with different digits.  $2500?  Maybe if it was a 68/69 KO or a 72-73 FOUR and that is still kinda high.  You got a deal at $600, top end on that particular bike is probably $1500.  They made a ton of these bikes so they are not all that rare.  I would just clean it up, buff up the paint and ride it.

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72 huh. Well with a 73 title and 71 frame I think its safe to say its not original. I think I might not go full cafe with it. Just customize it to my liking but returnable to stock. Bars and a new front fender at least.

Thanks for the help.

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