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2005 lock down

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I have a 2005 "R" model that has been a money pit. Lets start from the beginning with its issues. You know that water pump problem that this model seems to always have. Well let me tell you I think my wrote the book on this issue. Now before you think you know how to fix this issue; trust me it's been done. New parts I mean every part on the fishe for the water pump replaced 3 times. Seals all placed in correctly. Still had water coming out of the weap hole. So on to the second reason it could be leaking. That's right lets replace the counter shaft bearings on both sides. Yep went there done that. Temporary fix!! started leaking again.. WTF!!

Well this is not my only horse in the stable, and I didn't ride it that much. It didn't leak too bad once it got warmed up. You just had to keep a eye on the coolant level. Now Iam a mixing gas and hauling ass kind of guy so not a banger mechanic, but I have 2 of them just have one of each kind of horse if you know what I mean. Me, I never did any of the work as mentioned before. All work was done via green backs flowing from that leather thing in my back pocket. Now that all being said here is what happened. took it to a track one day, was having a good ride, and lost track of time I was riding, and apparently ran all the coolant out the weap hole. All the sudden I hear a strange noise, and by the time I leaned my head down to see what it was; it happened. Yeah that sound we have all either heard in person, or watched on youtube. Yep locked her up!


this thing has:
New Valves OEM

New OEM crank, and bearings

new cam chain  OEM

new piston, rings and all the trimmings

had new oil, and filter with only one slow ride prior.

new manual cam chain ten.. installed..


so I go to take off the oil filter so see if there was in "Gold in that there oil". Nope, and no silver either.  good news so far right?

so when I go to drain the oil from behind the foot peg ( the engine side I believe, remember I mix my stuff ) this is what comes out.

engine coolant, and lot of it. wasn't even mixed with oil. Nothing but just pure green coolant. After about 12 or so ounces, I struck black gold. Yep then I was served up with some good ole Texas tea. So for you guys who speak "Banger" what the hell does this mean???





All this happened in Feb this year. So being that I have dumped a lot of money into this bike I decided to mothball it for a while. I took it apart all the way, and placed the parts all around my shop so I didn't have a roller taking up space. Now I would like the maybe try and get to the bottom (money pit) that is and put her back together. I'm seaking some sort of feed back to see what I'm going to be dealing with before pulling the wallet back out.


so if anyone could toss me bone here I would be most thankful.



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you think this would send water out the weep hole?



no, but it'd fill the trans with water.


But if you lost all the water, Id assume you were out trail riding? It'd have to run a hell of a long time to blow all the water past the W/P seal. Its more likely you've got a blown head gasket and it pushed the water out of the radiator overflow tube.


The water pump on my 03 always dribbles a teaspoon or so when I fire it up. Then it stops. Why...don't even care why. It stops. I top the radiator off when I change the oil (5 hours) haven't had a problem.

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