"01" - "03" WR Tank swap

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried to install the "03/04" WR 450 seat, tank, and shrouds onto a "01/02" WR 426. I'm seriously considering this if it can be done. Any info on the details would be greatly appreciated.

Why don't you just install a 00-02 YZ seat and tank? I really don't think a 03-04 wr seat and tank will work on a 01/02 WR426. The 00/02 YZ seat and tank are about the same size as the 03/04 WR seat and tank. I have installed this on my 02 WR and compared it to my buddies 04 WR450 and there is very little difference. :)

I'm thinking of the YZ tank and seat as an option but, the capacity is only 1.8 gal. I need closer to 2.5 for my rides. I'm willing to do the modifications to get the newer style and narrow fit. Your thoughts??

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