Wanted: Stock exhaust

I'm looking YZF stock exhaust to buy or trade for. I have a Big Gun full system with Quiet core that I would trade for stock exhaust plus some money. Send me a pm or e-mail me at schneiders2@cs.com.

Hey CRS,

I have a stock pipe with about 1 minute on it. Perfect! Make me an offer...oh, and by the way.

I spent about 8-9 years in Manhattan...Graduated from "costa." Ever hit Gorman?

Lemme know about the pipe. I know what a new one costs and this one is new.


Howdy CRS,

I already sent you a pm but thought I would throw it out here in case others interested.

I too have a silencer from my 02 426. It's a canadian model with the tapered end cap. Anyway, I want $100 for it and you pay shipping. It's brand new and also has the coupler seal in good shape.

Let me know if interested!


Check your p/m


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