Handlebars for WR450-Tapered or straight?

I'm tossing around the idea of replacing my stock bars. They feel to low to me. Especially when I am slowing down in the whoops trying to avoid other riders in front of me. I'm usually running in third or fourth gear..keeping the front end light with power and moving to the rear of the bike, but if I have to slow down suddenly it's all I can do to keep from going through/over the bars. I'm a heavyweight rider at 6' and 280lbs. so this just adds to the problem.

Any suggestions on height/brand of bars and mounts would be appreciated!



Pro taper bars with a Windham bend and rubber mounted BRP or Scotts upper triple clamp to cushion big impacts and your 280lbs of muscle pounding! :D I would hate to arm wrestle you. :) Check out: http://www.brpit.com/

I second the pro-tapers, you can't go wrong there. I have only tried the CR-hi bend, and am plenty happy with that. I am 6'1" and wanted the extra height as well.

I didn't go to an aftermarket top clamp though, just bought the 7/8 to 1-1/8 adapters (Tusk $35) which added another 3/4" of rise to the already taller bars. I wouldn't mind if they were farther forward though, but this was still about 300% better than stock! If I had another 3 bills to throw around, I might look at a fancy triple clamp that was adjustable fore and aft, but I can think of better places to spend that money (damper!).

Happy hunting! You will be happier with a taller bend that has less sweep, and the PT's are pretty much bulletproof. Oh, and they look bada$$ too....


Thanks for the suggestions, I was looking at pro tapers. I think I'll try the CR High with the Tusk mounts.


A note on bar selection...

If you ride a lot of tight woods, then you may look for something a little narrower than the CR hi. I like the height, could do with even less sweep, and wouldn't mind them an inch narrower (maybe even more).

If I somehow broke these, and had to get another set, I would maybe look at the Woods High bend (pretty much the same, only 1.5" narrower), or even the Pastrami Freestyle bend (1.5" narrower and 1" taller, with less sweep).

But then again, I don't know why you would listen to me, I loved the heck out of the big-@ss ape hangers I had on my Harley before Johnny Law made me take em off... :)

Well oldbones, I missed your post by about two hours, cause two hours ago I put in a order for a set of pro tapers cr high bend with tusk mounts! Good thought, and I thank you for keeping me in mind.

I'm about 30" from shoulder to shoulder anyway, so that will be just under my bark buster width (which is a good thing)! :)


No sweat, compared to the stockers, you are gonna LOVE this setup. :)

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