All 5 gears seem to be in neutral.

I'm out at Freetown State Forest yesterday near rt.24 and i think i heard a few clunking noises.I dismiss them thinking nothing.I'm riding up a slight incline covered in small rocks and the bike pops into neutral.I try shifting and it feels like it is shifting into every gear just fine but every gear is acting like neutral.Needless to say its 20 min before it's dark and i'm almost 2 miles deep.At this point i push my heavy azz bike next to the highway and leave it.It takes me and a buddy almost 3 hrs to find our way back.We had no light both our phones were dead.Tough being out there going through tough technical trails up and down hill with no light.We made it out and picked up my bike without incident.

I have yet to check out the bike but it really don't matter cause i know chit about them.Any clue on why i got 5 gears of neutral?The bikes a 2001 WR-426?


Thanks guys,Rob 

Hopefully it is the easiest of solutions. Check the shift lever to make sure the bolt didn't loosen and skip a spline.  I had the bolt loosen up once and the lever skipped a single spline on the shaft.  It FELT like it was shifting, but in actuality, it was loose enough that the lever was hitting the case on upshift and frame on downshift, stopping the movement just enough to not shift gears.


Unfortunately you remember a clunking sound, which is going to be internal.  I cannot help you there with any kind of advice.

If the problem is not someing as simple as a shifter moving on the splines or beign bent and movement restricted, it often is a somewhat shifter drum issue. I say somewhat in that I have no idea of oyour mechanical aptitude or toolbox. However, once you have ruled out a shift lever issue, you'll have to drain the oil and coolant and remove the entre right side engine cover. Remove the entire clutch. Then an inspection of the shifter drum and related parts will identify the problem. Typical of what you describe is special bolt #9 coming loose and the detent wheel no longer engaging the shift drum.



Thanks guys.I don't have any experience working on bikes but i may attempt to check it out.The mechanic i use is good but he will take a month or more to get it done.I wish i could find a good privet mechanic here in RI but it aint easy.

Well i gotta say i feel like a total idiot.I found this new mechanic and he just texted me saying he found the problem.I HAD NO CHAIN.In my defense it was pitch black when i broke down and pitch black when i dropped off the bike.Thanks for the help guys but im gonna bow my head down in shame.

Well, it pushes easier without a chain.

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