06 450f 4 speed?

Hello everyone new to this site, I have an 06 yz450f that blew 5th gear. I have an 04 yz 450 with a good tranny. I've looked up part numbers and everything seems pretty close. Will an 04 4 speed tranny drop right in to an 06?


Pretty close?  Let's start with a brief education about Yamaha part numbers.  The correct input shaft for your '06 is the 1SL-17411-00-00.  That looks "pretty close" to both the 5EL-17411-00-00 and the 5AP-17411-00-00.  But the 5EL is for the 1100cc V-Star, and the 5AP is for the TTR-125.  See the problem?  Yamaha uses the "basic part number" system in which all 12180's are camshafts and all 17411's are transmission main shafts.  The first 3 characters identify the model it fits.


The answer to your question, then, is no.  The transmission from an '03-'05, whether it's the YZ 4 speed or a WR 5 speed, will not fit the cases of the '06-'09.  It's 12mm too narrow, among other things.

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