hey every one im new to the board

i ride a 2002 yz 426 and love it man i wish i new this site was hear i usaully hang out at the pitracer .com forum its almost the exact same thing but not all about 4 strokes

Welcome aboard ! The best four-stroke web-site on the internet, IMHO.

Hey mxang521,

I too just bought an 02 426. I love the bike. But I must say I dig TT just as much. I am addicted to this site. The guys here are great help when you need it and very knowledgable!

Enjoy the many hours you will spend here!


Welcome mxang521wave.gif, the guys are right you can't go wrong herexyxthumbs.gif

<font color =”gold”> If you’ve got a problem you’ll find the solution on TT !


More info here than any one human can possibly digest!!


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