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My fully rebuilt Rm250 -03

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Hey guys! What do you guys think of my newly rebuilt rm250 -03?


Completely rebuilt engine, clutch and transmission

All the bearings in the chassi, new bigger aluminium radiators and red hoses, plastic etc etc.

New rims, spokes and painted hubs etc.

Full RG3 rebuilt suspension with the expert setting for my 165 lbs

Full PC exhaust and boyesen intake and ported cylinder and crank cases.


It runs like a freaking rocket and the suspension is as good as the new bikes if not even better (compared to original at least)  ^_^


It's so damn fun to ride this thing that it's almost ridiculous. And i'm so glad that i didn't get rid of it last year when it broke down and instead i decided to rebuild it :ride:


Old smokers newer die!  :cool:




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I replaced some gears ,the shift forks and all the bearings. Had some trouble staying in third and it skipped up to fourth. But now it runs like new 🙂 


Yeah definitely, I think I have receipt of nearly 30000SEK (4000usd!) Just the suspension mod cost 1400usd

But what the hell, It fells like a new bike now  :ride:


I will get the A60 in the rear for the next season. I have already dented the standard excel badly haha


I have done almost 50 h on the track this summer so some parts will be repalaced to next season. But it stills hauls ass! 

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