Would moving the axle forward on an 06 yz450 rid some of the understeer?

I've learned to live with it, I’m just curious if anyone has tried that and it's helped any?

Normally no.  Moving the axle forward at the rear causes a slight rearward weight shift, which is in fact the opposite of what you're looking for.  You'll get better results from moving your bars forward and slightly upward, shifting your weight as far forward as possible, and choosing a good front tire.  Fork rebound settings, sag settings, and fork height are some other things that feed into reducing the understeer. 

Bridgestone M203, will help tremendously!!

Depending on the soil, yes it will indeed.  My current favorite.

Depending on the soil, yes it will indeed. My current favorite.

Your actually the reason I tried it and have been using it for the past 3 years on all my bikes, gf klx140 and all my buddies have them as well. Hands down the best front tire I have tried personally. For the type of riding I do(desert, some mx) it works great on traction. Everyone that I know notices a reaction difference right off the bat. Btw thank you for that!!! Your a gold nugget when it comes to knowledge!

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The thing that I appreciate the most about that particular tire is the fact that it gives you enough feedback and holds well enough while it's slipping that you can control the slide of the front end with the steering far better than other tires I've used.  The '06 is going to push the front by nature, but it can be brought under control and dealt with.   Everyone learns things from others and I'm no different.  Another old guy desert racer put me onto the 203.  I listened to him because one, he's fast, so I listen to him.  The other thing is that he rides a KTM 500, so he should know about pushing the front.

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