Blu Cru questions for those who have signed up

I signed up for the blu cru a couple days after I bought my bike in mid oct. I did it to where I should be getting a $500 credit card in mail. I just got a email stating that I will be getting my card in 7-10 days and it is loaded with $5 on it? That is a bigg difference from $500 lol. Does anyone know any contact info for the blu cru program? 

I'm in exactly the same boat.  I got the email that I would get my $5 card.  But registering for the $500 card is done separately from signing up for BlueCru, so I think that will be loaded later on the same card.  At least that's what I'm hoping.  Your dealer needs to register the warranty before  you can receive the $500.  If someone does get the $500 please update this thread so the rest of us know what/when to expect. 

It takes about 6-8 weeks to get the $500. You get $10 just for signing up for the blu cru.

OK thanks. I gonna call and make sure set up my warranty.

Thanks for link.

I recieved mine today and it had $505 on it. I just waiting on my grabbag stuff

Bought my bike on Friday 11/7/2014.  I applied for bLUEcRU and Submitted my claim for the new bike on Saturday 11/8/2014.  Got my bLUEcRU visa in the mail on 11/26/2014 with $5.00 loaded.  On 12/08/2014 the $500.00 for the bike purchase was loaded.  So 30 days start to finish. 

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