2005 wr450f Kickstand

Hi, i just bought myself a 2005 wr450 not too long ago and when I bought the bike it didn't have a kickstand. I have it converted to a dual sport now and id like to have a kickstand, but I've tried moose racing's clamp on kickstand and it doesn't fit. I can't seem to find a replacement. I have a guy offering to sell me his kickstand off of a 2003 wr450 but can't find anything on its fit. Could someone tell me if this would fit or give me a suggestion for a kickstand?

The stand from the 2003 WR450 will fit if you get the entire thing--   stand AND the bracket that bolts to the frame.


I have gone the other way several times...  swapping out the heavy steel stand on the 2003 with the lighter aluminum

stand from the newer bikes.

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