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1979 Honda XR185

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Well I thought i'd come back and share this bike that I bought late summer. It wasn't running when I bought it but it just needed a carb cleaning, new tires and tubes and new rear suspension. Here she is. By the way, she is for sale at the moment in the classified section for $800obo. Hate to let her go but I need the money. Anyone else have one of these badass bikes?





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When they came out my dad ordered 1st one assembled at our dealer. I rode it that day and I bought 2nd one. Still have one and a few other twin shock versions. Only thing really bad was stock tires and the shock springs "squeaked" . That was a one year model as XR became 200 next year and in 81 the first Pro-link was called a XR200R yet the twin shock XR200 was available til 1984. They swapped aluminum rims for steel, removed headlight, put long XL seat on and had lower quality shocks. If I remember right they were 216 lbs as delivered. Easy to get under 200. Stock pipe in good shape hard to find and side covers are a pain to find also.

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Haha I just haven't had the chance to rotate them back, they do look pretty bad forward like that. I'll probably either replace, or repaint them in the near future, can't seem to sell it. I'll probably keep it for a while, she runs like a top.

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That is a great piece of history.:applause: Hondas first full on woods/hair scrambles/enduro dirt bike utilizing the 100/125 engine family reliability.

Keep it, don't give it away. That is a great universal fun bike to ride.:banana: First gear is a low climbing gear and makes it seem lurchy to an unsteady throttle hand. 

I worked at Honda of Wilson (HOW) 1977-1980 while going to Wilson County Tech. Institute, back when trades were taught as a profession.

I assembled the first Xr185's sold at this store.

One of my fellow dirt bike riding buddies bought the first one sold AND had the Power up, 200cc Cylinder/piston, Honda Power chamber exhaust pipe, High Flow air filter, Re-jetted carb kit, installed right out of the gate.

The right side panel had to be cut out to allow the pipe to sweep out the right side. I was not fortunate enough to do the modifications, as I worked part time everyday, and this was a Sales department job, that was sold yesterday and the Customer chopping at the bit to race his newly advertised 1979 "XR185 best Power to light weight ratio" 4-stroke innovation for 1979. The next year the 1980 XR200 was released, my brother bought the first one HOW sold. 

We hill climbed the wheels off:doh: these bikes in the Uwharrie  National Forrest.

When the 200R came out, I bought the first one of those sold from the same dealer, what a leap in handling, even if it was a little heavier.

The modified 79' XL125s in my garage is pretty much the same machine, after the mods.

Enjoy it for the classic it is.👍


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