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1999 Husky 360 Questions

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I am looking at a bike to play ride with. I've owned open class 2-strokes pretty much exclusively for about 20 years.  I have a trail bike,  but it isn't enough for what I am after.


Currently,  I am looking at a 99 Husky WR360.   I have a few questions about it,  and I have done the best homework that I can and most seem pretty happy with them.  Here is what I have been told by someone who should know.  Please LMK if this doesn't sound correct.


1.  The same basic engine was in use until last year.   I may not be able to find the precise parts I need overnight,  but I can get something that will work.

2.  Ignition is great on these bikes,  zero failure.   Carbs aren't bad and if you don't like it,  there are others to swap in.  Rear sprockets the same since 92 etc.  Pretty good machine.

3.  I am the kind of guy that will buy ahead brake parts,  sprockets and chains etc.  so I am not real worried about that stuff.  Also,  I don't ride with anyone so if it goes down I can wait a bit.


Here are some questions:


What experiences have you had with the bike regarding reliability?


Known issues,  things to look out for?  The owner says the powervalve is sticky.


About how much HP do these things have?  The bike has an FMF pipe.


Assuming that it is running well and geared stock,  about how many MPH will this bike pull on top?


Lastly,  I was told that this is comparable to a modern 450 for power?  True?


Thank you for any help you can give me,  even anecdotal.  I am wanting to get the other bike ASAP if it looks good.  Your help is appreciated.



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They are great bikes i have a WXE 360. I recently scored my cylinder and having a hell of a time locating a Piston and cylinder kit for it. but when i do ill be back on the trails. Other than that ive never had any major issues with my bike. Living in Va makes finding parts that much harder, from what i've read there is a place in Illinois that works on these bikes but havent found anywhere else that does. Ebay seems to have some parts but not much.

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I owned a 250, but have some exoerience on the 360 and i loved it.

Availability of engine parts can be a bit of a problem.

Other than that, its still a great bike.

Dont expect a shocking rocket mx type of motor, but a much more torqy character, it can handle anything, very usable.

Chassis and geometry wise, very stabile with a very planted feel on the front end.

In contrary to most modern euro enduros, it measures a little bit longer with a rake not that steep, so high speed stuff is easy, more like a crosser.

I liked the marzocchi/sach suspension too, lots of clickers on the shock for adjustment to your liking.

Cockpit is quite roomy compared to ktm, gasgas etc.

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