Need '00 YZ426 carb rebuild bits beyond the usual kits

So my '00 YZ426 has been due for a thorough going-thru for some time now. This afternoon I tore into the carb as I was certain the previous owner hadn't done the usual maintenance. It was, well, cruddy for certain. I've been looking at the usual carb kits and I guess I've torn the carb down a little further than would be covered in most cleaning efforts as none of the kits include the gaskets for the area highlighted in the attached diagram + pic.


Anybody have any suggestion as to where I can order a more complete kit with the highlighted gaskets?


Screenshot from 2014-11-15 18:00:31.png

That gasket is available for the late model FCR-MX carbs only, and only from JD Jetting, as far as I know.  Contact them to see if what they have will fit yours. 

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