Who wants a bushing to convert to 04 specs.

O.K. I got my machinist friend making a bushing to install in th 03 side case to convert the starter drive to 04 specs. He's going to make one to make sure the size is right and I'am hoping I can send it to one of you guys that have already received your parts so we can make sure it fits. If so then he can set the computer on his machine and whip out as many as we need, the question is how many should we make? The other question is does the steel need to be hardend? or is it just regular old steel. Also does that shaft in the bushing spin the whole time the bikes running or just when the starters engaged? or does it even spin at all?

The price will only be maybe a couple of bucks if they don't need to be hardend.

I don't have the 04 parts, yet, but please add me to the list once this is finalized. THANKS!

Please add me to your list. Thanks

I would like to be added to your list.

Deal me in!

I'd like to get on the list also. As far as the material, I don't think it will matter much. The shaft shouldn't be turning at all. Currently, the shaft is held by the case which isn't a hard material at all. I think a brass bushing would be the easiest to make and would work fine.

The bushing does not need hardening. The shaft does not spin. The gears spin only. :)

Thanks for the input guys I'll pass it on the the man, he did say he was thinkng of making it out of brass or bronze if it didn't need to be hardend. Now Indy WR450 I'am counting on you that you got the right measurements. Right?


Are you sure the shaft doesn't spin? If I recall the shaft is part of the torque limiter and spins along with it. I know the shaft is not a seperate piece like the 03's. Having said that if it does spin it's not very fast and it's only used intermitently so I don't think you need to go crazy on the material.

Add me to the list also, thanks for your efforts.

Yes PDBlue I took my cover off and your right the shaft spins with the unit on the 04 and not on the 03. That means that the bushing should be made of brass or have an oil grove in it. The shaft will seize without oil in it. That maybe why Yamaha has a slit in the bushing to allow oil to penetrate and lubricate the shaft as it turns. Good point. I recommend the bushings be made with an oil groove the length of the bushing on the inside. 1/16" wide x 1/16" deep should be enough. :)

As a machinist myself, I'd suggest you try having him make it out of "Oil-lite" brass :). It's a Military spec metal that kinda feels "fuzzy" to the touch and has self lubricating properties that make it ideal for bushings. BTW: I could use one too, I don't have access to a lathe right now :D

Olite is a good choice. I agree with using oil impregnated brass material. :)

Put me on the list.

I would like one as well!!!

Please add me to the list. I don't have the 04 parts yet.

Thanks for your efforts on finding a source for the 04 bushing. Please sign me up!!

one more for me.


Thanks for the offer, I would like to have one of those bushings, just let me know what you need to have one sent to me, thanks.

Please count me in for 5.

Thanks, Jeff

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